Sony PlayStation 1 Debugging Station DTL-H1202

Item: Sony PlayStation 1 Debugging Station DTL-H1202 Limited Edition

Price: $1,500.00 USD


Sony PlayStation has recently been producing debugging consoles. Their primary purpose is to read data from CD-R on which PlayStation games are burned. Technically speaking, as the name suggests, these consoles are used to check whether the disks have problems being read or not.

Debugging consoles are designed similar to the retail consoles except that they only have 2 MB of RAM while the latter has 8 MB RAM. In addition, these devices can boot region-specific disks. 

Additionally, the PlayStation 1’s CD controller was reprogrammed to identify any disc with a ‘licensed’ data track. In addition, Sony also made two different colors for PlayStation 1 debugging stations: blue and green.

This was to indicate hardware changes. Additionally, the original production had the devices built with Rev. A or Rev. B hardware. Meanwhile, the next iteration utilized Rev. C silicon and SGRAM. 

Older debugging stations, which have blue cases, are the DTL-H100x and DTL-H110x series. The newer ones, which have green cases, are the DTL-H120x series. Nowadays, the product listed is a DTL-H1202 Debugging Station. 

With that said, if you are into collecting Sony stuff, this ultra-rare piece is a must-have. 

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