What You Need to Host a Board Game Night Remotely

We all need the sense of love, joy, and peace that is only hanging out with our loved ones bring. Before the covid19 era, all you had to do to host a hangout was set a date, invite your friends, maybe buy some drinks, snacks, and CBD gummies online, and start to relax.

Things have changed, and physical meetings are no longer convenient. This doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the fun and. You all can still play your favorite board games even when you’re a thousand miles away from each other. Here are some ways you can achieve that today.

Order Snacks and Drinks Online

Good company, good food, drinks, and smoking make a good game night with friends. And as a good host, you need to make sure to have enough food and beverages for your guests. Once the date is set, find food and drink delivery service online and get them delivered to your friends. You can even send them some homemade CBD edibles like CBD gummies or cookies and drop them off in their letterbox in the afternoon.

Use of Discord and Webcams

You or one of your friends must have the selected board game(s) in the house to try out this method. Everyone must also have access to the internet and a Webcam, while the host’s camera points directly to the table containing the board game. However, you (the host) should note that you may have a bit more work on your hands. Don’t worry, though; it’s worth the fun.

Here’s what to do. Firstly, make sure everyone sees the board and how and when the host moves the game pieces. This arrangement, however, makes it impossible for the host to be seen on camera. If you want to be seen, you may want to use an extra account. Each player can then make known their move while the host helps them to play it. A discord will make the game more fun and interactive.

However, this method is not possible for games like card games, where the player needs to hide their moves. No worries, there are more options to try out.

Try Out the Tabletop Simulator

You can easily use the Tabletop Simulator to play your favorite board games with friends online. The game allows you to play with nine other players, which is perfect for a hangout. Instead of playing the physical version of the board game, as was the case in the earlier method, you get to play the virtual version of the game, which is more effective and more exciting.

Tabletop Simulator perfectly imitates a tabletop game, and you and your friends can do anything with the table, like moving drinks and snacks, changing positions of the game, or even flipping the tablecloth. To begin the game, simply select one from the available built-in games or add a custom game to the list (this process may, however, be a bit complicated). Next, launch the game and invite your friends.

Once everyone is present and ready, you can begin the game. To make the process more interactive, you can use a text and voice chat system designed for the game. Optionally, you can use a third-party app for communication.

Check out Roll20

If you feel that Tabletop Simulator is too basic for your favorite board game, there’s one more option for you. Roll20 is an online tool whose features you can customize any board game of your choice. You can create or customize maps, create your game characters, or even automate the game’s dice roll.

Final Thought

All you need to do is think of the tools you need to play the selected games, and Roll20 will fix it all up. You can also leverage the marketplace, where you may buy different resources to help facilitate the game creation. Once the game is created, you can invite your friends and get ready to have a memorable online hangout experience.

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