Welcome to db Electronics

db Electronics is a Canadian designer and manufacturer of retrogaming goodies!

I’m passionate about retrogaming and committed to designing and building modern electronics for my favourite retro consoles.

p.s. not a Sega fanboy

Recent Posts

Open Source Extron Phoenix Audio Adapter PCBs

I recently bought an Extron Crosspoint 12x4 RGBHV audio/video switch. I was quickly dissappointed by the non-standard audio connectors which ...
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The PC Henshin Is Now Officially Open Source

The PC Henshin is now an open-source project. It is registered with the Open Source Hardware Association as CA000002. Please take ...
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Universal Mega Dumper – Tech Demo Video

In anticipation of the imminent release of the Universal Mega Dumper, I've recorded a Tech Demo video in a brand ...
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The Retro Roundtable Episode #14 – December 21, 2017

Poem I Recited Mario is red, Sonic is blue. I like retrogames, and so do you. This echanting night, under ...
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