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db Electronics is a Canadian designer and manufacturer of retrogaming goodies!

I’m passionate about retrogaming and committed to designing and building modern electronics for my favourite retro consoles.

p.s. not a Sega fanboy

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Video Game Hardware Preservation: Wiki & More

Please support RetroRGB's quest to create a video game hardware preservation Wiki by donating on Indiegogo. "This campaign is to raise ...
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Top 10 Reasons a ROM Cart will Destroy Your Console 😉

db Electronics and RetroRGB get to the bottom of #flashcartgate and discuss the truth behind my articles. 100% Satire ahead! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prCn4qwI3MY ...
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AC Analysis of clamping diode effect in 5V to 3.3V mismatch

A lot of people were wondering exactly what testing I did to come to the conclusions from the other post ...
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RGB Triple Bypass – Update!

The Triple Bypass is a mod which encapsulates 3 important things for Genesis: RGB Bypass, Mega Amp audio, and CSYNC ...
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The Dangers of 3.3V Flash in Retro Consoles

EDIT: Measurements and proof here EDIT 2: After witnessing several complete misinterpretations of my article I decided there was 1 word ...
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The Retro Roundtable Episode #5 – June 21, 2017

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKjpyOM4eQc ...
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Surface finish on PCBs and why it matters for reproduction carts

There are many types of surface finish used in production for printed circuit boards. To the end user, it may ...
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My Life in Gaming Livestream with db-Electronics – May 28 2017

Thank to Marc and Coury for inviting me on their livestream on May 28 2017 - I had a blast ...
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Everything wrong with Adam Koralik’s “Turbografx 16 (PC Engine) – Best Possible Video Quality”

After watching a recent video review of the db GrafxBooster on Youtube, I immediately recognized several inaccurate claims concerning the ...
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