Sega Saturn Skeleton

Item: Sega Saturn Skeleton

Price: $800.00 USD


The Sega Saturn was released in November 1994 in Japan and 1995 in North America and Europe. As the fifth generation of Sega’s home consoles started from the successful Sega Genesis, it was meant to be advanced at that time. 

It was loaded with dual-CPU architecture, 8 processors, and an extensive game library. However, even having sold over 9 million units globally, the said console was considered a failure after the dominance of Nintendo 64 and the emergence of Sony PlayStation. 

However, it was later on succeeded by Dreamcast. As a result, the ‘Skeleton Saturns,’ released in 1995 in Japan, became highly sought-after versions of Sega Saturn. The primary difference is that the consoles’ casings were made translucent but with darker hues. 

They were the last models produced, and since then, they had been considered a valuable collector’s item. Here are the different models produced:

  • HST-0020 = released in 1998; translucent; smoky grey; a phrased “This is Cool” printed on the device
  • HST-0021 = similar to HST-0020; meant for release in overseas; sold 30,000 units in Japan and 50,000 overseas
  • HST-0022 = a tie-in with ASCII to promote its popular horse racing simulation franchise, ‘Derby Stallion’; doesn’t have the phrase “This is Cool” printed on the device

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