Copy of SNK Neo Geo CDZ

Item: SNK Neo Geo CDZ

Price: $850.00 USD


Neo Geo has been a staple for classic arcade games. However, instead of going to the arcade centers in malls to play your favorite SNK games, you can enjoy the experience in the comfort of your home. 

Released on September 9, 1994, the Neo Geo CD became the second video game home console of SNK Corporation, which was 4 years after its cartridge-based equivalent’s release. The $300 cartridges, at that time, were converted into CD format, just as CD products had grown exponentially popular. 

The Neo Geo CD was unveiled at the Tokyo Toy Show in 1994. It was set to be released as a bundle that included a control pad similar to the AES version and also could play audio CDs.

In addition, the Neo Geo CD already had 3 versions released, including the Neo Geo CDZ. This version is an upgraded one, which can load faster than the others.

This was released on December 29, 1995, but was only available in Japan. However, due to its superiority to other versions of Neo Geo CD and its extreme rarity, the listed product can be an excellent addition to your gaming collection.

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