Is Capcom Working on a New Retro Arcade Console?

Based on a now-deleted listing on Amazon’s Japan website, the new mini-console of Capcom offers 10 games, including 5 of the classic Street Fighter series. This mini arcade retro system is called ‘Retro Station’ and consists of a monitor with an old-school CRT vibe. 

On the console’s side profile, it sort of looks like Mega Man, one of the most famous Capcom characters ever. In addition, the hardware measures 12.5 inches in height, 13 inches in width, and 11 inches in depth. In fact, its monitor alone measures 8 inches and has 2 speakers underneath. 

The rest of the games Retro Station will be featuring are from the Mega Man Saga. However, this is already expected since Street Fighter and Mega Man are the two most successful gaming franchises of Capcom ever. 

However, the only drawback of this nostalgia-rich device is that the gaming experience is limited to single-player because it only has one joystick. 

Furthermore, according to the listing, the product is scheduled to be released on December 1. Unfortunately, the listing was reportedly taken down. Additionally, Capcom has yet to release an official statement and provide an update regarding the console’s release. 

In the meantime, you can avail yourself of the Capcom Home Arcade on Amazon, which was released last year. This console features 16 games and 2 arcade controllers. 

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