My Arcade Delivers More Retro Gaming Goodies at CES 2020

My Arcade has done it again. In this year’s CES, they are looking to top what they brought last year. If you recall, when ‘Retro Champ’ was introduced, it raised many retro fans’ spirits who were into hybrid consoles similar to Nintendo Switch.

This is because Retro Champ can handle NES and Famicom cartridges. With that said, the recent My Arcade’s reveal is an upgrade: the ‘Super Retro Champ.’ 

Its expected release is around later this year, selling at about $109.99. Although Retro Champ is already an award-winning console, Super Retro Champ aims to top it off. 

While it’s similar to its predecessor, it comes with numerous upgrades to the original. For example, you can play Super Nintendo, Super Famicom, and Sega Genesis games on it. 

The device also has a built-in 7-inch screen monitor and a rechargeable battery capable of 5 hours of playing time. 

Like Retro Champ, it is a hybrid, wherein you can play the console either as a handheld device or a home console connected to a TV using HDMI, with the 2 wireless gamepads included. 

The package also includes a built-in cartridge cleaning kit. Lastly, aside from this new console, My Arcade has also announced that they will offer a mini-arcade cabinet for players of Street Fight II: Champion Edition at $50, to be released later this year. 

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