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This wiki is a gathering of technical information related to the consoles I love to tinker with.

8 bit

We generally refer to the third generation of video game consoles as the 8 bit consoles though technically any console with an 8 bit CPU is considered 8 bit. This therefore means that the Turbografx-16 is in reality a 8 bit system – if you don’t like it you can take an engineering class!

16 bit

The fourth generation of video game consoles is generally considered to consist of mostly 16 bit consoles. We could argue that the Motorola 68000 is in fact a 32 bit CPU and that the SNES architecture more closely resembles an 8 bit system rather than a 16 bit system but let’s no start a war and instead agree that the 16 bit generation was the best in video game history!

32 bit

The fifth generation of video game consoles brought us even more bits! More bits = more better! Actually I feel like many of the games in this generation have aged very poorly compared to 16 bit titles.


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