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General Questions

What does db stand for?

Well that’s an excellent question…

When will more of (insert db product here) be available in the store?

There is almost always another batch being built by the PCB manufacturer. If a product is out of stock it generally takes about 4 weeks to receive new PCBs.

When will my order ship?

I usually ship all orders at least twice per week.

FM Power Base

How can I disable the FM sound?

Holding the FM Power Base’s PAUSE button during power up will disable the FM chip until the next power off.

Why is the YM2413 socketed?

The YM2413 FM synthesizer used on the FM Power Base is no longer manufactured and are now quite failure prone. I test all incoming chips but 15% of them are dead on arrival. The socket is a precaution against premature failure to ensure an easy repair in case the YM2413 fails after it leaves my shop.

The Genesis controller doesn’t work with Game xxx…

Not all Sega Master System games are compatible with the Sega Genesis controller. For these games, you must connect a real Sega Master System controller to be able to play them.


Is there an enclosure available for the Grafxbooster?

I don’t provide an enclosure but the PCB is designed to fit snugly in a Hammond 1591XXCSBK provided you have some patience and are skilled with cutting tools.

Which cables should I use?

If you’re plugging into a North American TV then I highly recommend the HDRetrovision Genesis YPbPr cable. Else you can Sega Genesis Model 2 A/V cables.

The video output is very faint when using an upscaler…

This problem has more to do with the cable you are using to connect to the upscaler. Most times, this is caused by improper CSYNC components in the cable. To mitigate this, the grafxbooster has a jumper (J100) which can change the csync output voltage. Two settings are available: 75 and TTL. The 75 setting has 75 ohm output impedance and is video level. The TTL setting is low output impedance and logic level.

Is the Grafxbooster compatible with PC Engine?

Yes, the Grafxbooster operates perfectly with the Japanese PC Engine or Core Grafx.

Is the Grafxooster compatible with Duo consoles?

No, Duos lack the EXT port at the rear of the console which the Grafxbooster requires to transcode video.

PC Henshin

Can the PC Henshin damage my console?

No, the components used on the PC are fully 5V tolerant. The method used to automatically region convert all games from all regions is completely harmless and consists of only scanning for a specific series of opcodes.

What systems is the PC Henshin compatible with?

The PC Henshin can region convert US to JAP and JAP to US. It is confirmed working with the following console variants:

  • Turbografx-16
  • Turbo Duo
  • PC Engine
  • Coregrafx
  • Supergrafx

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