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Audio video enhancer for PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16

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The dbGrafx Booster adds many video outputs to the TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine using a Sony CXA1645 video encoder IC. Three output connectors are found on the dbGrafx Booster each carrying the following signals:
dbGrafx Booster
  • Mini DIN9 (a.k.a. Sega Genesis 2 A/V connector)
    • RGB + CSYNC (i.e SCART)
      • Compatible with standard Sega Genesis 2 cables including 75 ohms resistors and 220uF coupling capacitors
      • Amplified by CXA1645
      • CSYNC
        • from version 1.2 onwards, selectable video level or TTL csync via jumper
    • CVBS (a.k.a. composite video)
      • Compatible with out of the box yellow/white/red Sega Genesis 2 A/V cable
      • Transcoded from RGB by CXA1645
    • Stereo Audio Only
      • While the Sega Genesis 2 A/V pinout permits mono audio, it is not supported by the dbGrafx Booster (why the hell would you want mono audio?)
      • Amplified on dbGrafx Booster
  • Mini DIN4 (a.k.a. S-Video connector)
    • Y/C Video
      • Compatible with standard S-Video cable
      • Transcoded by CXA1645
  • RCA Jacks (yellow/white/red)
    • CVBS (a.k.a. composite video)
      • Direct signal from console (i.e. same as original Turbo Booster)
    • Stereo Audio
      • Amplified on dbGrafx Booster


The dbGrafx Booster is designed to fit inside a standard off the shelf Hammond 1591XXCSBK enclosure. Note that you will need standard tools (rotary, drill) in order to modify the enclosure accordingly. There are currently no plans to sell this enclosure with the dbGrafx Booster.


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