How Blooket Play Engages Students Online

Do you know that Blooket engages students to become better in trivia or quiz games? If you like searching for clues, you may want to immerse yourself in amazing Blooket games. When most of us were in elementary school, we took music and other brain-stimulating projects.

These projects helped us engage ourselves with teachers. Over the years, we have learned things like the vocabulary to build our knowledge, which comes with lots of practice and learning. If you want something that would engage you mentally and intellectually, you can consider using a different online quiz or trivia game.

Students can take advantage of Quizlet, Gimket, Quizzizz, Kahoot, or Blooket to play stimulating games online. We will talk more about Blooket in this article.

What Is Blooket?

If you are a teacher, you may love to use Blooket for online quiz and trivia options. Blooket is a website offering you an opportunity to create sets of questions for your students. When you sign up with the website, it becomes easier to host your students with a set of games.

Blooket allows you to play different games with your students. For instance, a teacher can decide to host a Battle Royale, Gold Quest, or think Kahoot, including other games.

Students are not expected to create accounts with Blooket. Instead, they join their teachers in the game hosted when they enter a provided pin. This allows the teachers’ screens to be seen and used by the students.

With these games, teachers can assign homework for their students with a duration.


No Payment

Currently, teachers use Blooket free. However, this may change in the future with account upgrades.

Self Paced

Blooket allows students to work at a customized pace when they want to answer questions. Students can play without pressure when they complete questions. They can complete questions and move to the next question without waiting for others.


Blooket offers a competitive ground for students. The games are fun and engaging for a little competition.

Different Game with the Same Questions

With a set of questions, students can play different games with the same questions. In addition, teachers can search for sets of questions or create a set of questions for their students.


Students would love the engaging games on the website. Blooket offers students an opportunity to engage themselves in games while learning with the website.


The questions must be read

The website lacks a built-in immersive reader. The teacher would find it difficult to read the questions because students play at their pace. Older students can easily read the questions, but not kids who cannot read.

Requires adding a lot of questions

If you do not add more questions, students may end up playing the same questions if they are faster than others.

Questions from other questions cannot be edited

You have no option to edit questions created by other users.

Some games are difficult

While they can easily play some games, others require more work at figuring them out.

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