Memory Map (TG16)


The HuC6280 processor provides a 21bit address bus on the TurboGrafx allowing contiguous addressing of up to 2MB. The address space is divided into 256 8KB pages.

Start AddressEnd AddressPagesSize*Description
0x0000000x0FFFFF0x00 - 0x7F1MBHuCard ROM Space (may be mirrored with HuCards smaller than 1MB)
0x1000000x1EEFFF0x80 - 0xF7Unused, see CD-ROM
0x1F00000x1F7FFF0xF8 - 0xFB8KBRAM - pages 0xF9 - 0xFB are mirrors of 0xF8
0x1F80000x1FDFFF0xFC - 0xFEUnused
0x1FE0000x1FFFFF0xFF8KBHardware Page

*size refers to the useful size within the range excluding any mirroring

Super System Card

Start AddressEnd AddressPagesSize *Description
0x0000000x0CFFFF0x00 - 0x67832KBROM Space
0x0D00000x0FFFFF0x68 - 0x7F192KBRAM