The PC Henshin Is Now Officially Open Source

The PC Henshin is now an open-source project. It is registered with the Open Source Hardware Association as CA000002. Please take the time to read the terms of the open source licenses in order to properly respect it if you plan on manufacturing this product.


The hardware is available as CERN OHL v.1.2 on github here:


The firmware is available as GPLv3 on github here:


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5 thoughts on “The PC Henshin Is Now Officially Open Source

  • 2018-02-26 at 12:01

    Does this mean that you won’t be manufacturing any more of these? I know other people ‘can’ – do you have any word from anyone ready to go on these?

    • 2018-02-26 at 18:36

      That’s right I won’t be making any more. A few people have expressed interest in manufacturing my products thus far.

  • 2019-03-05 at 12:18

    Where can I buy the PC Henshin nowadays? I can’t find anything like it on Ebay.

  • 2019-07-12 at 15:11

    I’d love to build one of these myself. Getting the PCB fabricated is no problem but I can’t seem to find a list of the individual parts I’d need to populate the board. Is there a digikey list or anything like that available?

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