The Retro Roundtable Episode #14 – December 21, 2017

Poem I Recited

Mario is red, Sonic is blue.
I like retrogames, and so do you.
This echanting night, under a christmas star.
Playing Rocket Knight, or Phantasy Star.
Let’s sing a christmas carol.
And make friends with Toejam and Earl.
There is no limit, whatever your age,
To enjoy Final Fight, or Streets of Rage.
And if you’re feeling down on christmas day.
A little Castlevania will go a long way.
And on new year’s eve, you might hit the bars,
Or with a friend, finish Wily Wars.
And for the sake of a snarky nod,
There’s a guy who sells a 7374 mod.
And all these tools, they have, you knew?
In fact, they just bought an oscilloscope too!
The Retro Roundtable wishes merry christmas to all,
Even if you did enjoy Sonic Spinball.


Electronics engineer and retrogaming fanatic!