PC Henshin Comes Back To Life With Brand New Connector!

The PC Henshin, a universal mod-less region converter for Turbografx-16 and PC Engine which I designed and sold several years, is finally making a grand return! I have been lucky enough to find a source of brand new high quality HuCard connectors which makes the PC Henshin better than ever! Previously, I jimmied together a few Samtec SIBF connector to make this work. It was very labour intensive and quite frankly was a pain in the ass to build which is why I had discontinued the project.

The prototype tests, pictured below, were successful. Now I am gearing up to manufacture this product and to sell it in my store. Expected availability is approximately 3 months.

 Turbografx-16 to PC Engine Turbografx-16 to PC Engine PC Engine to Turbografx-16  PC Engine to Turbografx-16


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