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Compatible Genesis Consoles

All Model 1 and Model 2 Genesis / Megadrive consoles including the JVC X’Eye. There is a perceived sound level difference Model 1 and Model 2 Genesis consoles due to the input impedance of cartridge port’s audio lines being different in these revisions. The sound was tweaked on a Model 1 Genesis.

Compatible Games

After BurnerYes
Alex Kidd: BMX TrialYes
Alex Kidd: The Lost StarsYes
Alien SyndromeYes
Altered BeastYes
Aztec AdventureYes
Blade Eagle 3-D3DYes
Bomber RaidYes
California GamesYes
Captain SilverYes
Casino GamesYes
Chōonsenshi Borgman
Cloud MasterYes
Double DragonYes
Fantasy Zone IIYes
Fantasy Zone: The MazeYes
Galactic ProtectorYes
Galaxy ForceYes
Game Box Série Esportes Radicais
Game Box Série Lutas
Golvellius: Valley of DoomYes
Great GolfYes
Lord of the SwordYes
Maze Hunter 3-D3DYes
Megumi Rescue
Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark LordYes
Mônica no Castelo do Dragão
Out Run 3-DYes
Out RunYes
Parlour GamesYes
Penguin LandYes
Phantasy StarYesSMSPower Translation only
Poseidon Wars 3-D3DYes
Power StrikeYes
Rescue MissionYes
Scramble SpiritsYes
SDI: Strategic Defense InitiativeYes
Solomon's Key
Space Harrier 3-D3DYes
Thunder BladeYes
Turma da Mônica em: O Resgate
Wonder Boy in Monster Land
Ys: The Vanished Omens
Zaxxon 3-D3DYes
Zillion 2: Tri FormationYes


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