Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What does db stand for?

Well that’s an excellent question…

When will more of (insert db product here) be available in the store?

There is almost always another batch being built by the PCB manufacturer. If a product is out of stock it generally takes about 4 weeks to receive new PCBs.


Is there an enclosure available for the dbGrafx Booster?

I don’t provide an enclosure but the PCB is designed to fit snugly in a Hammond 1591XXCSBK provided you have some patience and are skilled with cutting tools.

Is the dbGrafx Booster compatible with PC Engine?

Yes, the dbGrafx Booster operates perfectly with the Japanese PC Engine or Core Grafx.

Is the dbGrafx Booster compatible with Duo consoles?

No, Duos lack the EXT port at the rear of the console which the dbGrafx Booster requires to transcode video.