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db Electronics is a Canadian designer and manufacturer of retrogaming goodies!

I’m passionate about retrogaming and committed to designing and building modern electronics for my favourite retro consoles.

p.s. not a Sega fanboy

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Teensy Cartridge Dumper/Writer Video Update – db Electronics

Here's a quick video demo of the current Genesis ROM burning capabilities of my Teensy Dumper/Writer project. This is an ...
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Knerds of the Retro Roundtable Podcast

Starting this Saturday at 9pm EST I will be participating in a monthly podcast on Twitch.tv and Youtube called "Knerds ...
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Sega Saturn Internal Memory Mod with FRAM – no battery required

I was burned too many times when I power up my Sega Saturn to notice that my CR2032 had died ...
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RetroRGB Weekly Roundup #40 Featuring Me!

I spent over an hour talking about all things retrogaming with Bob from RetroRGB. Check it out! I'm on at ...
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GQ-4×4 EPROM Programmer Write Failures – Don’t Use That Power Supply!

I recently started using a GQ-4x4 EPROM programmer to burn M27C322 and M27C160 UVPROMs for my cartridge projects. The process ...
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New Wiki Section Added

I've added a new section to the website titles Wikis. This section will be used to share most information about ...
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dbGrafx Booster (Engine Block AV) Now Available For Pre-order From Stone Age Gamer

Stone Age Gamer has re-branded the dbGrafx Booster as the Engine Block AV and has now opened a pre-order. The major ...
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Framemeister Profile: dbGrafx Booster TTP + HD Retrovision Component Cable

Watch IMPLANTGames' demonstration of a dbGrafx Booster combined with HD Retrovision Component cables and Framemeister. Friendly reminder that the dbGrafx Booster is ...
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Support Forum Now Open for uh… Support!

With so many dbGrafx Boosters now out in the wild and countless (ok not really countless) Power Base Minis and ...
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PC Henshin Design Files Released as Open Source GPLv3

I've let it known on social media for quite some time now that the PC Henshin build was too complex ...
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